Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensor Repair

Japex Automotive provide NOx sensor repairs at our workshop in Kings Langley

What does a NOx sensor do?

A NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) sensor measures the amount of nitrogen oxide that is being released into the atmosphere through a car’s exhaust and therefore is vital in ensuring that a vehicle complies with emissions regulations. If there’s an issue with your NOx sensor, a light will usually come on in the dashboard to alert you and at this point, you should get in touch with the team at Japex Automotive.

As well as a light on the dash, you may notice some other signs that your NOx sensor is faulty such as a noticeable increase in AdBlue consumption, reduced fuel economy, and unstable idling.

Can you repair a NOx sensor?

NOx sensors are incredibly complex components and this complexity does mean that they are often difficult to repair, with malfunctioning NOx sensors frequently requiring replacement rather than repair. The best thing to do if you think that your NOx sensor is faulty is to get in touch with our team at Japex Automotive – we’re experienced in all aspects of NOx sensor maintenance and have the diagnostic tools to establish what is at the root of the problem and if your sensor can indeed be repaired.

Japex Automotive is proud to be a member of The DPF Doctor, the UK’s leading network of independent DPF specialist garages. We are also HEVRA members which is a nationwide alliance of specialist electric and hybrid vehicle workshops. In addition, as authorised agents for Avon Tuning, we have access to the very best performance-enhancing remaps etc. Experience and expertise which is hard to find anywhere else.

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