DPF Cleaning & AdBlue Faults

Most modern diesel vehicles are fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The DPF is designed to trap soot and, at the correct time and under the correct vehicle conditions, burn it off at a high temperature to create less harmful pollutants.

Unfortunately, DPF faults are fairly common and usually, the cause is an underlying fault, one that might not be obvious to the untrained eye.

Cleaning the DPF is only part of the process, and on occasion, it might not be necessary to clean the DPF at all. Finding the fault that caused the issue in the first place is the number one priority otherwise you’ll be back to square one with a blocked DPF in no time. At Japex Automotive we always carry out a full assessment of the engine management system before a DPF clean takes place, to identify the root cause.

Japex Automotive is a proud member of the DPF Doctor Network, a community of highly skilled technical trainers and technicians specialising in repairing DPF and AdBlue faults. We have access to the latest manufacturers’ information and continuously attend training sessions to improve our knowledge and enable us to find and fix DPF faults correctly, first time.

If you are having DPF or AdBlue problems, call our reception team to arrange an assessment on your vehicle.

Japex Automotive is proud to be a member of The DPF Doctor, the UK’s leading network of independent DPF specialist garages. We are also HEVRA members which is a nationwide alliance of specialist electric and hybrid vehicle workshops. In addition, as authorised agents for Avon Tuning, we have access to the very best performance-enhancing remaps etc. Experience and expertise which is hard to find anywhere else.

To find out more about DPF Cleaning & AdBlue Faults in Kings Langley, contact us online or call us directly on 01923 260707

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