ECU Remapping

Most modern vehicles have an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which is a small computer that controls how the engine works.

Manufacturers often detune the engine so that the cars they sell all comply with the various regulations in different countries around the world. At Japex Automotive, we can tune the software in your car’s ECU within legal limitations to optimise its performance.

How does ECU remapping improve performance?

ECU remapping has many advantages, such as:

  • Extra power
  • Easier to overtake and go up hills
  • Savings on fuel
  • Tighter throttle response

We are a team of skilled, experienced professionals so our standards are high and the quality of our work is unbeatable. Bring your car into our workshop in Kings Langley, for ECU remapping and reap the benefits.

Avon Tuning

Avon Tuning, an internationally renowned brand, is the leading UK-based ECU remapping and performance tuning company, and we are delighted at Japex Automotive to have been selected as their local Authorised Agents in Kings Langley meaning that we have successfully completed the training and have satisfied Avon Tuning that we have the professionalism and expertise to install AT software. We are engine tuning specialists serving our local area, and around Watford, Hemel Hempstead and Hertfordshire.

Book Tuning at Japex Automotive.

Japex Automotive is proud to be a member of The DPF Doctor, the UK’s leading network of independent DPF specialist garages. We are also HEVRA members which is a nationwide alliance of specialist electric and hybrid vehicle workshops. In addition, as authorised agents for Avon Tuning, we have access to the very best performance-enhancing remaps etc. Experience and expertise which is hard to find anywhere else.

To find out more about ECU Remapping in Kings Langley, contact us online or call us directly on 01923 260707

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